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Client Testimonials

Here is a brief sampling of what people are saying about Clearly Clean:

"Just wanted to tell you the floors look fantastic   It really made a difference. Thanks again for taking care of Bubby. We really appreciate taking him out of kennel and giving him water. We are very pleased with floors and will keep up with them. Thanks" Theresa -

"Finally found a house-cleaning company that is reliable and provides excellent customer service. They are professional and provided me with organized documentation on the first visit - insurance, list of services, pricing, etc. Positive experience on each of my first 2 visits - I'll be staying with them!" Clay - Highlands Ranch

"Good Morning! I am so pleased with the cleaning I received from you on Monday! Excellent service and attention to detail. I would like to set up a monthly cleaning. Please let me know how to go about doing that. Also, I would like to send gratuity to my "crew". Please let me know if it is best to send a check or send a credit card number. Thank you again! Carrie - Denver

"In an age when service seems to have gone by the wayside, we have found one company that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. We recently had Clearly Clean Home clean our house for the first time. They arrived on time, finished on time and we were extremely pleased with the results. We would highly recommend this company. A huge bonus is that all of their cleaning products are Green Seal certified." - Bill and Cheryl Stonegate/Parker

"I recently purchased a Groupon for "Clearly Clean" home cleaning service. I have been very satisfied with the company in all respects. Bob's communication has been very professional and he responds to emails promptly with clarity. He scheduled my appointment at a time that was convenient for me and showed up "on-time." The cleaning crew did a wonderful and thorough job, my glass cooktop looked new again! They also handle themselves in a professional manner. I recommend this merchant continue to be serviced by Groupon, your customers will not be disappointed. Thank-you," - Linda Doran - Lowry

"Thank you soooooo much for the fun gift for Thanksgiving...I love your company. You are all so nice. That meant a lot! The house always looks great when you come. Thank you!" Amy - The Farm

"The house looked beautiful!!!!!!! Thank you...... I will be more than happy to recommend you to whoever I find needs someone. Thank you - Lisa - Centennial

"Thank you for squeezing my project in this week. I walked through this evening and everything looks great. Really impressed with the carpet work!" Tynan - Denver

“Hey Bob, after being at home last night and settling into our evening routine I got a chance to really notice more of the house and how well you and your crew cleaned our home.  The cabinets look great, as do the light fixtures, ceiling fans and bathroom shower in the master and the sinks looked shinier.  We are truly pleased and I need the name of the lemon oil you used to pass on to a friend.  Thanks again and I am wondering what date you are planning on coming again.” Rebecca - Centennial


"Our home is amazingly clean. Thank you! I will be more than happy to recommend you to whoever I finds needs someone. Thank you so much for the Tulips!!!! They were a delight to see when I arrived home and the house looked GREAT!" - Heidi L - Centennial

"We both were pleased with the cleaning! Thanks" - Bonnie, Aurora

“My husband asked me about how the cleaning went last Thursday night.  I told him how you called, said you thought your team didn’t spend enough time here so you and your wife came over to check it out.  He was so impressed with you for paying such attention to our house and with me for choosing you.  What a win win! Thanks so much Bob.  We’ll see you next week!” – Meg, Piney Creek

"Hey Bob, thank you so much the house looks great!" Darla - Piney Creek

"I am very very pleased. Your team did a fabulous job. My husbands shower is amazing. All the soap scum is gone. Thanks to you and your team!" Theresa - Centennial

"I was so happy to return to a clean home! You did a great job. I would like to schedule another cleaning" - Colleen - Cherry Creek“Your work is excellent. My home is spotless!” - Roger R. Pinnacle Creek, Centennial

“We were so happy with our cleaning - many thanks to you and your team! The Bona floor finish looked good, so please plan on going ahead and doing it on Friday.” Catherine, Tuscany

 "I am really pleased. I think the cabinets look great. JT’s comment to me in a text was “I think you will be very happy with the cleaners” I asked him why and he said “They did good, and besides everything being clean you can’t even tell they were here”, So even the teenager was impressed. Overall I am truly pleased with the products you used and the results on the floors, cabinets, etc. Thanks for all the hard work." Beckie - The Highlands

"The house looks really good!  I think the only thing we notices was in the shower ... the little ledge/grove beneath the shower door tends to collect some gunk, so if you can mention to the staff to pay a little extra attention to that little area, that would be great. Otherwise, we are very happy with the cleaning." Krista - Columbine

"The house looks wonderful. Thank you so much! It is fantastic! Thank you again... a wonderful job. I look forward to having a clean house from now on." - Nancy H. Piney Creek

"Thanks so much! Your crew of energetic workers were great! Very professional! Again, thank you! Sunny - Realtor

"Fantastic! This home hasn't been this clean in years! Thank you Clearly Clean. I can see my face in the clean, shiny floors" - Dallas

"Thanks Bob! You guys are the best." - Tynan - Denver

"Regarding cleaning for her sister (a “Cleaning for a reason” patient) – “First, I want to thank you for giving. With me living in Tampa, Florida I cannot be there to help the way I want to. Not only will it help my sister, it will give me one last thing to worry about. I read your website on the "classic clean" and I am very impressed. I will pass the information on to Lisa. Although I do not live in Denver, please make sure you leave some cards at Lisa's house. I truly believe that word of mouth is the best advertisement and I know myself and Lisa will hopefully "pass it on. Thank you again and God Bless.” - Laura F. for her sister in Aurora

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